Summer Entertaining Ideas

Cover drinks.
Keep pesky insects out of drinks by topping glasses with patterned cupcake liners. Poke a hole through the centre for a straw.

Wheelbarrow sideboard.
Place planks atop a wheelbarrow for a mobile sideboard. Set with dishes and silverware and then fill any open space with potted plants to play up the rustic look.

Scoop your favourite fruit.
Use a melon baller to carve out watermelon, honeydew, or cantaloupe. After a quick stay in the freezer, the bite-sized fruit will infuse your beverage with a delightful flavour.

Small ice cream sandwiches.
Spoon raspberries and ice cream between a pair of Oreo cookies for a cool treat on a sweltering day. Fun for kids, and adults too!

Add frozen berries.
Make sparkling drinks even fancier — just add frozen berries. Try garnishing carbonated water, bubbly, or your favourite summer refresher with blueberries and raspberries.

Elevate hydration.
On humid, summer days, take hydration to the next level with rose, lemon, and strawberry water.

Tap a watermelon.
A classic idea but always a party winner, the watermelon keg is what your next poolside gathering needs. The concept is simple: Big juicy melon, your favourite fruity elixir (spiked or virgin), and a fun little tap.

Stack fruit and feta.
A ripe watermelon is its own special treat but take it one step further with feta slices and basil leaves. Make plenty because these goodies will go fast!

Make fruity floral arrangements.
Large watermelons or hollowed-out pineapple rinds make for the sweetest vases.

Freeze fruit cubes.
All you have to do to make these pretty cubes is mash your favourite fruit, mix with lemonade, and freeze them in an ice tray. Add them to sparkling or still water — even white wine — for added flavour. Impress your guests by cutting the strawberries into heart-shaped slices.

Have a system.
Lend a helping hand by using ketchup to write down how guests want their burgers cooked. The king of the grill will be thanking you!

Fill a basket with essentials.
Keep guests comfortable outdoors all day long and into the evening with summer essentials. Leave out amenities like sunscreen, bug spray, hand wipes, and, if it turns chilly, light blankets.

Raise the bar.
A beverage station separate from the food lets guests mix drinks and mingle. Stock the bar with cups, straws (to double as stirrers), and plenty of ice — a large metal pail will keep bottles and cans frosty, but consider an insulated cooler for extra cubes.

Serve yourself.
Position your buffet under an overhang or umbrella to protect it from the elements. Then, order its contents this way for easy cruising: plates, sides, buns, meats, fixings, and flatware. If perishable foods aren’t eaten up in an hour, swap them out with a fresh supply. At sundown, have lights nearby so guests can see as they serve.

Rethink your hotdog toppings.
It wouldn’t be summer without hotdogs. Remix your toppings in unexpected ways. Try one of these duos: napa cabbage with scallions; purple cabbage and carrots; cucumbers and radishes.

Blend up frosty fruit slushies.
Enjoy a refreshing slushie in minutes with only four ingredients. You’ll need ice, water, frozen limeade, and the frozen fruit of your choice. Raspberries, peaches, or mangos work really well for this drink. Enjoy!

Source: Good Housekeeping

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