Selling a Home with Kids!

Are you selling your home? Are you selling your home, with kids still living in it?

Keeping a house in order and clean with kids is a daunting task. However, keeping it constantly in order to entice potential buyers can be a challenge. By planning ahead and giving yourself plenty of time, it is doable. Here are some helpful tips so you don’t get overwhelmed. 

Plan ahead and give yourself time to remove and clear out clutter
• This is a great time to donate old toys and clothing. Donate items to your local Salvation Army, Value Village or pack them up for storage.  If you live in Halton, there are plenty of local charities that can help out local residents in need.
• Give yourself the time to clear clutter from every room.
• Rent a storage unit to store personal items for your new house.  Personal items including photos, memorabilia, bicycles and other items you won’t need right now.  If you need help finding local storage facilities, don’t hesitate to call us as we would be happy to point you in the right direction.

Give yourself two-hours notice for showings
• If you have an option, try to get at least one-two hours’ notice.  This will give you enough time to clean up, get the house in order and get your kids ready to go.

Keep the trunk empty
Although you may have asked for 24 – 48 hours notice, there may come a time where you only have 15 minutes to clean the clutter, pack up the kids and get out of the house. So keep your trunk empty that way you can throw any toys or extra stuff in and go.

Create a checklist
• When you receive a showing request, you may want to have a checklist handy to ensure you have everything covered before you leave the house. Include tasks as diaper disposal, toilet seat down, dirty dishes and so on.

Decide whether you want to have your kids involved
• How about getting the kids involved, depending on their age. Provide them with a checklist of their own for their room. This way it is one less thing for you to worry about. It is great to empower your children, however, always take a quick look yourself just in case.

Dedicate one room for the kids
• To ensure you don’t always have to tidy up every room, dedicate one room for the kids to play in. This will make it easier to clean things up.

Accept that your house isn’t going to be perfect
• You can only do so much, it will never be perfect, especially if you have an unexpected showing. Do your best and try not to worry too much. Plan ahead, get a storage unit, start packing things up, make a checklist and leave only the essentials.