March Spring Cleaning Tips

Get ready for sunnier days, the first official day of spring is March 20. So whether there’s still snow on the ground or flowers in bloom, you can rest assured that nicer weather is on its way. Welcome in the new season with a bit of spring cleaning.

Refresh the entryway. As the weather thaws, begin putting away hats and mittens and make room for spring footwear and rain boots. Clean or replace the doormat, clear off the hooks, or hangers, if you have a coat closet, and be sure to put out an umbrella holder ready for April showers. A clean boot tray lined with river stones will help water drain away from your footwear.

Remove winter layers. Feeling a bit stifled under a pile of thick duvets? Trade out heavy winter bedding for lighter-weight quilts and coverlets. Additionally, consider changing deep-pile rugs for flat-weave or natural-fibre versions for the warmer months.

Make table lamps and mirrors shine. Use a duster or soft rags to remove dust from table lamps and wipe down mirrors with a damp microfibre cloth. These freshened-up surfaces will enhance the light throughout your space.

Launder slipcovers and soft furnishings. Smaller slipcovers and washable rugs can be laundered at home; drop off bigger pieces with professionals. Read the instructions carefully to prevent damage. Most items such as curtains and slipcovers can be put back while slightly damp — for the best fit and to minimize wrinkles.

Dust baseboards and high corners. Using a vacuum attachment or the duster of your choice, remove dust and cobwebs from those high and low places we often miss during regular cleaning.

Simplify the cupboards. Are the cupboards feeling overstuffed? Simplify your life by scaling back on dishes and glassware, letting go of mismatched and chipped pieces and sets you no longer love or use often.

Spring-clean the kitchen. Give your kitchen a fresh start by cleaning some of the areas we often skip during quick daily tidying: Clean small appliances; wipe grease and grime from the range hood, backsplash and light fixtures; clean grout; and vacuum hard-to-reach places, like under the stove and fridge.

Streamline meal planning. Collect your favourite recipes in a binder or on your computer and put together several weeks’ worth of meal plans using your go-to favourites, plus create shopping lists. When life gets busy, at least you’ll have a plan for what’s for dinner.

Treat yourself to fresh flowers. Nothing brightens a space like fresh flowers during the last weeks of winter. Spring flowers such as daffodils and tulips are plentiful and inexpensive this time of year, so keep an eye out for bargains. And if you have blooms popping up in the garden, why not snip a few to enjoy indoors?

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