Looking for a New Location for a Family-Friendly Skate?

Visit the quaint village of Waterdown and try out the outdoor skating loop right in the centre of Memorial Park. This unique outdoor skating venue features a 230 meter ice loop. There are family-friendly restaurants to enjoy across the street and a Tim Hortons to grab a hot chocolate and warm up. Plenty of free parking!

The Facts:
• Location Map: 200 Hamilton Street, Waterdown

• The refrigerated 230 meter loop (which amounts to three laps around the ice of an arena) gives skaters roughly 1.5 meters of width to skate with ease.

• The loop isn’t huge, but it’s in great shape and there are enough twists and turns to vary the routine.

• There is a heated skate change area, a groomed skating path, and free parking. They have a Zamboni that floods the ice now and then, making for a nice, smooth skating experience. 

• The ice loop, is refrigerated and can stay frozen so long as the weather doesn’t go above 5 C.

• Once spring arrives and the ice melts, the loop — a unique feature in southern Ontario — will once again convert back to the path that connects to the rest of the park and can be enjoyed by Rollerblade enthusiasts, walkers and anyone else who enjoys being outdoors.

• Outdoor ice rinks are operated in City parks by community volunteer committees. There is no fee to use the ice rink and there are no equipment skates, helmet, sticks rentals available. When the rink is operational it is open until 11 pm nightly then the lights are shut off. 

• All skating is done at the public’s own risk on all outdoor ice rinks operated by volunteers within the City of Hamilton. The use of helmets is strongly recommended.

Sean Kavanagh 905.220.9198
Leo Manchisi 905.334.9650