Home Inspection Series – Part 4: Searching out the right inspector

Since anyone with a clipboard and some business cards can call themselves a home inspector, it is important to find one who is most qualified to accurately assess the various elements of a home.  It is important to do your research so you can ensure the inspector you choose is the most qualified to do the best job.    

First-time homebuyers should go to any chapter of the Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors when looking for a reputable inspector.  It is there that you can check on the inspectors to ensure they have some form of training.  Be careful when you read that an inspector is ‘Qualified’ as a 1 week online inspector course may cause some to feel they are ‘Qualified’.

It is always puzzling to hear stories of people willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home and then source out the cheapest home inspector they can find or an inspector that offers the best discounts.  Trying to save a hundred dollars on the inspection could end up costing you thousands of dollars down the road on flaws or faults the ‘Qualified’ inspector failed to notice.

It is a good idea to interview home inspectors before booking an appointment.  Have them explain what they’re going to do at the inspection.  Go online and prepare a list of questions for the inspector so he knows you are wanting to be involved in the process.  This may ensure that all elements of the home are thoroughly examined.   Ask them about the length of time the inspection should take.  An inspection  should take 2.5-4 hours depending on the size of the house or condo.  Also, always ask the inspector about his insurance.  Insurance companies should only be insuring inspectors with a certain level of training.  If the inspector deems your roof to be in ‘excellent condition’ and 4 months later water is falling into your livingroom, you want to be sure you can go back the inspector and have his insurance look after the issue.

In summary:  Source out an inspector that has experience in all essential elements of the home.  Prepare a list of questions so he knows you will be involved and check to make sure he has insurance and what that insurance covers.  Interview more than a couple of inspectors, be careful when you read or hear the word ‘Qualified’ and never…I mean never, choose your home inspector because he was the cheapest!

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