Day 8 of 365 Things to do in Burlington – All Hallows Eve on Seneca Ave!

All Hallows Eve…..Hallowe’en……Halloween!

Trick or Treat! Today is the day kids dress up as fairies, goblins and superheroes and run from home to home filling their bags with Treats. What has been lost on this day over the years is the Trick part of the evening. Some households actually spend some time decorating their own houses and even dress up in costumes themselves in an attempt to make the event more than just a door to door candy pick-up.

If you are looking for a great Halloween experience in Burlington, do yourself….and your kids a favour and head to Seneca avenue where the residents have it right! People go above and beyond to make this night a most memorable one for the kids. Some houses have gone as far as to turn their garages into Haunted Houses! Getting into the spirit of Halloween is more than just buying some bite sized candy bars at Wal-mart. It is a special day for the kids and the residents of Seneca Ave have it right. Good on ya Seneca and we’ll see you a little later tonight!

You can reach Seneca Ave by travelling along new street between Guelph and Brant (across from the Library and Curling Club) OR you can reach it from Lakeshore. I would suggest parking in the public lot across from the Curling Club and walking the street as it may be closed off to cars.

Have a great Halloween!

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