Day 30 of 365 Things to do in Burlington – Ya Man! Caribbean Cuisine

A new Caribbean option just opened up in downtown Burlington so i thought I would give it a try. My usual spot is D Hot Shoppe on Fairview, but I thought i would give Ya Man! It is always nice to try new things and to help out a local business owner, but I really wanted to see how their Roti would stack up against D Hot Shoppe. The other curiosity I was trying to satisfy was the debate over who makes the better Roti, The Jamaicans (Ya Man!) or the Trinidadians (D Hot Shoppe).

Teddy was very informative at the counter and helped explain all the food options to the woman ordering in front of me. You could tell by the exchange that he was used to Burlingtonians not knowing much about Caribbean cuisine. Great guy and very helpful.

I ordered my Curried Goat Roti and was recommended to get the Mild as the Hot was REALLY HOT! I should have gone with my insticts and got the Hot option as the Roti experience just wasn’t the same without that caribbean zing. Before I can really compare the 2 shops, I will have to go back and try the Hot version so I am at least comparing apples to apples.

The sign out front boasts that Ya Man! is ‘Deliciously Different’ and ‘At Last…Healthier, Tastier Caribbean Dishes!’ No preservatives, No Wheat in sauces, No canned beans or peas, No MSG, No Soy Sauce and Halal Meats.

Ya Man! offers 2 appetizers I wanted to try but they are only served on Fridays and Saturdays. Pholorie are fried batter balls served with tamarind chutney and ‘Doubles’ are curried chick peas sandwiched between 2 pieces of seasoned fried batter. The menu also offers the usual suspects like Roti (Chicken, Beef or Goat), Oxtail soup and stew, and Jerk chicken.

They are located at 476 Brant Street downtown. Call them at 905-633-8787 to place your order for pick up or visit their website at

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