Day 17 of 365 Things to do in Burlington – Mountsberg Raptor Centre

Do you want to get “nose-to-beak” with the diverse and fascinating world of birds of prey? You could meet owls the size of pop cans or eagles with seven-foot wingspans! This is a great opportunity to get close to some of these magnificent birds. A great place to spend the day with the kids!

Tucked within Mountsberg Conservation Area, the Mountsberg Raptor Centre is currently home to 15 different species of native birds of prey. Many of the Raptor Centre’s resident birds of prey have permanent injuries that have left them incapable of surviving on their own in the wild. In many cases, these injuries were caused by human activity. With the help of these feathered ambassadors, the Mountsberg Raptor Centre teaches the community about the native birds of prey that share our environment and how to reduce the negative impact we can have on them.

For more info, check out this video

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